What the 99% protestors fail to understand

The 99% protests going on around the country over the past few months have focused on a few specific points, one of which is the complaint that the amount of money CEOs of large companies make is "unfair" compared to the janitors for the same companies.

I recently heard a quote from the founder of Staples on John Stossel's program, and it summarized so perfectly what these protestors fail to understand:

Hard work should be rewarded. And generally speaking, if you meet the people who run these companies, they work their butts off. The perception of the public is these guys are flying around in private jets going from golf tournaments to fancy dinners. The reality is these are 80-hour-a-week - and these days in the internet age - 24x7 jobs with huge stress and... if anything good happens to you where you might get a bonus, you're subject to scrutinty in the media.