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I love the last one... As that is so so true.. They need to add this to it though. I also live for free on Daddy's Corporate credit card to support my bohemian lifestyle and drive a dirty smoking diesel vw bus...
1. A majority of us accept Christians or are Christians. We just don't like it when they are so devout that they are homophobic, racist, or sexist. But many Christians aren't like that. It's not like all Christians are westboro. 2.we believe in freedom of speech for all. I don't care if you call me names or discriminate against me. I won't appreciate it, but at least you're standing up for yourself. 3.not all corporations are thought of as "evil". Sometimes they just don't meet the standards people would appreciate. 4.the thing about some democratic people of business aka the 1% is some use their money wastefully. Whereas some people like Bill Gates donate to charity. 5. The world is about diversity. Why wouldn't we celebrate all cultures, sexual preferences, races, everything. There is straight pride. You can be proud of anything. 6. Simply enough because I'm Really tired: not everyone goes to a liberal arts college
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