Obama Turns 50 Despite Republican Opposition

Gotta love The Onion.

Obama Turns 50 Despite Republican Opposition

AUGUST 4, 2011 | ISSUE 47•31

WASHINGTON—After months of heated negotiations and failed attempts to achieve any kind of consensus, President Obama turned 50 years old Thursday, drawing strong criticism from Republicans in Congress. "With the host of problems this country is currently facing, the fact that our president is devoting time to the human process of aging is an affront to Americans everywhere," said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who advocated a provision to keep Obama 49 at least through the fall of 2013. "To move forward unilaterally and simply begin the next year of his life without bipartisan support—is that any way to lead a country?" According to White House officials, Obama attempted to work with Republicans right up until the Aug. 4 deadline, but was ultimately left with no choice except to turn a year older.


Why raising taxes on the rich isn't a good idea

Dear Mr. Obama,

Please lay off the millionaires and billionaires. In every speech, you paint them as the enemy - as these horrible people who should give away all their money. You act like they are the worst people in the world.

But Mr. Obama, don't you realize that millionaires and billionaires are the only reason most of America have jobs? It takes entrepreneurs to make this country great - to build things.

You recently talked about how America needs to invent things again. But then you punish their success.

What's the point of working hard if you're just going to take away all the benefits for working hard in the first place?


Cory Watilo

Obama Calls on Nation to "Invent Stuff"

As the president gears up for the 2012 campaign, he may need to brush up on his stump speeches. Sure, he’s canned the teleprompters recently, but telling America we need to “build stuff and invent stuff” isn’t really the epitome of eloquence:
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I especially liked this comment by Ironmaan:

"Ban the light bulb, ban drilling, tax the “rich”, collectivist social policies, regulate, regulate, regulate. Oh, and by the way, go invent something."