Rick Warren tweets about taxes, gets in hot water

I'm quite impressed Rick Warren tweeted about taxes. Unfortunately, he deleted the tweet shortly after posting, but not before his tweet was recorded and rebroadcast by many. Since he is the pastor of one of the largest churches in America, I can understand why he deleted it, since the model for pastors is to not publically share a political opinion. But part of me is also glad he took a stand.

I recently bought a bumper sticker that says "No representation without taxation." It's a bummer that those who pay no taxes are so willing to raise taxes on those of us who do.

The reality is that about half of Americans don't pay taxes. (Here's an article from last year that explains how and why.) Rick happens to be one of those who does pay, and probably gets hit hard from his income from book sales and speaking events (he no longer takes a salary from the church and, in fact, paid back what he had earned in the early years). Rick Warren is one of the most charitable men around; just imagine what he could do if he was able to keep even just a fraction more of the money he earned. He would put it to good use all around the world! Instead, too much of it gets sucked up by our behemoth of a government who really has no concept of economics and where money is best spent. Our money is best spent in the hands of those who work hard to earn it in large quantities; in the hands of people like Rick Warren.

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