Obama investments $53 billion into U.S. rail? Seriously?

This week, Obama announced a plan to spend $53 billion over the next 6 years to expand passenger train service across the United States.

How about letting the private sector work this stuff out? If we, as taxpayers, dump $53 billion into this, we should get free rides for life. But even if they were free, I still wouldn't ride them. Who wants to take twice (or three times) as long to get somewhere? Plus they'll have naked body scanners at the train entrances soon enough anyway. Just because trains work in other parts of the world doesn't mean we should have them too. Trains in the U.S. are a lose-lose, and this $53 billion is a huge waste of money.

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Your telling me that the US Gov can run the rail system just as good as they do with the US postal service with my tax dollars?... LoL. Much like background checks for guns if they made that part private you could walk into a building and have your background done in 10 minutes if you paid for it instead of waiting 15 days after the guy on the street that has a illegal gun shot you dead.
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