Border patrol agent gets 2 years jail for lifting handcuffs of uncooperative drug smuggler, smuggler set free

What's wrong with our government and our judicial system? I'll tell you.

There's something wrong when an underage drug smuggler is set free because his civil "rights" were violated when a border patrol agent supposedly lifted the handcuffs of the uncooperative smuggler, forcing him to the ground. And instead of the smuggler going to jail, the border patrol agent is sentenced to 2 years in prison.

Texas border patrol agent Jesus Diaz has 6 children, one of which he has never held since they were born after his sentencing. Governor Rick Perry has done nothing to help.

Our government and judicial system are siding with the "rights" of illegal aliens over the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect our borders. That is what's wrong.

Absolutely disgusting.

On the rise and fall of superpowers

Much has been written about how complicated the downfall of Rome was, but the recipe was actually pretty simple, and has since been replicated countless times: A great civilization arises. The state encroaches on freedom and demands more power. People take less responsibility for themselves and want more handouts from the government. Taxes go up to pay for the handouts. The size of government explodes and economic growth slows. The government seeks to divert the public's attention from what is really going on to "bread and circuses." Collapse, economic or otherwise, ensues.

- Glenn Beck in Broke