Government waste (and personal examples)

Our government is wasteful, and it permeates throughout all levels. (If you don't believe me, just do a Google search on the topic or read this.)

I have two minor, personal examples, one at the federal level and one at the local level.


Last year, I sent the IRS a letter contesting my taxes. Months later, I received a letter back that essentially said, "We received your inquiry. We haven't had a chance to read it yet, so we'll send you another letter once we do."

Not helpful. A waste of paper, envelope, and probably a stamp.

Here's my most recent example.

City Citation

A couple weeks ago, I got a ticket for an expired tag on my license. I mailed my check the last possible day I could, just because I like to hang onto my money as long as I possibly can. Today I received a follow-up letter telling me my ticket was still unpaid. So I logged into their payment processing website (another total scam - they probably take half of all payments in processing fees) to find my payment was actually received on time.

What happened? My payment was probably received the same day their follow-up letter went out. Had they waited a day, they would have processed my payment. It would have saved another letter, envelope, and probably a stamp.

Multiply these pointless letters, envelopes and stamps by the hundreds of thousands, plus add in the cost of the people we pay to stuff these letter, the ink used for these notices, the energy used by the printers, and the extra resources it takes the Postal Service to deliver these letters, and it all adds up.

I'm so tired of paying the ridiculous taxes I do when it goes to crap like this.

One day, I will fight to eliminate this kind of government waste.

Until then, I'll just complain about it.